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Grand Performance Live Show Fountain Controls


General Control Systems, aka GENCON is a Systems Integration Company providing Water Feature Controls and Electrification.

Gencon has been in business since 1978 providing Control Systems, Integration for Industrial Manufacturing and Process Controls. UL Listed since 1985.

One of our latest projects is retrofitting a Large WET Design controller

 with our PLC/Show Control Hybrid for Grand Performances as part of Downtown Los Angeles Arts renovation. Gencon developed a Live Show Control System to provide interactive control of the WET Design Fountain.


The system allows Cue Calls from the Stage Manager and responds to the beat of the music. The Venue, managed by Grand Performances, hosts concerts throughout the summer at California Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles.



This link, Grand Performance Web Site, shows a Concert with the Crowd Dancing with the fountain to the rhythm of the band. Grand Performances Event-Video


 I was backstage for this concert for technical support. When the technician running the fountain went to the restroom, I was asked to take the controls over. It was so much fun running the fountain accepting cues from the stage director and adding a little ad lib, they had to pry me away from the console. 

This link is to a video of the first concert of the summer featuring a backstage view our Live Control Interface. Dakah Hip Hop Backstage-Video


Installation Background

This system was an original WET Design installation. The venue wanted control of the fountain for live music. Gencon ripped out the existing WET Control system and reengineered the controls in close colaboration with Grand Performances Technical Directors to integrate live control and preprogrammed show controls .


Cue Calls

The stage director determines what cues they need for a performance and sets them into the computer during sound check. During the show he calls cues up and the system synchronizes the sequence to the beat of the music from a backstage Touch Screen display.


Gencon Focus

For the past several years Gencon has focused on PLC based systems for water feature controls.

These systems range from one or two pumps to over 300 I/O points. Gencon has developed a system for the replacement of time clocks and level controllers and wind sensors using a low cost PLC with a built in HMI. This system is known as Waterlogix. The system eliminates most of the discrete controllers for water level and wind speed used in a water feature as well as all the switches and lights typically found on a control panel.